Weekend Recap

We finally got our new sectional sofa! After hunting for the right ‘size’ we finally found the perfect one, at an unbeatable price. I’ve had my sofa since I bought my first condo right before my 26th birthday – that was 7 years ago! This sofa was good to our family. Perfect for entertaining, sleepovers, movie nights – it treated us well. But in our attempt to create more space in our small living area, we wanted to say good-bye to our old friend, and replace it with something just as cozy and roomy. The deal was that it had to be big enough to fit our whole family comfortably – and there’s 6 of us!

I’m glad that our close friend bought the old sofa – I’d feel sad passing it on to a stranger, as I do have somewhat of an attachment to it. In fact, I felt a little sad knowing that it would no longer be in our house. But change is good. :) Here is a pic of our kids on the old sofa (minus Aly):

Our old huge comfy sofa - we'll miss you! :(

I am so happy with our new sectional sofa – and it created such a difference in our living room – especially space-wise! :)

Welcome to our family! :)

We love it!

Poor Hubby – he was moving and lifting all day Sunday! But we both feel very happy that we’ve checked another thing off our “home projects” list. Hooray!

After a long day of cleaning and moving, we decided to take Ella to a new place in Plaza Bonita called John’s Incredible Pizza. It was so much fun and we all enjoyed the food that I’m thinking about taking the family here for my birthday next month.

We're here - this place was huge!

Ella-T having fun!

Addy loved that ball!

Afraid no more - Ella hearts slides! :)

We loved all the different pizzas (should have taken pictures of their selection) – they had everything from Nacho Cheese pizza to Cheeseburger pizza to Spicy Peanut Butter pizza! Yes, peanut  butter! It sounds weird, but it was strangely good. They even had a salad bar and pasta bar, as well as desserts. I loved their pesto pasta with a little bit of alfredo sauce. Mmmmm…definitely a great place for kids of ALL ages!


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