1: Story Behind The Food

While reading one of my millions of magazines (Woman’s Day), I was reading an article about ways to save money. It suggested cooking a family favorite instead of going out to eat – there are stories behind family recipes. Although cooking is generally lower in cost versus eating out, it does take time (and love) to cook a good meal.

I typically cook breakfast on the weekends, no matter how busy it gets, unless we get a super-early start to our day. On Sunday, I made one of our faves: SPAM, eggs and fried rice. But the way I made SPAM on this Sunday was different than my usual, simple pan fry. First, I dipped them in a beaten egg. Then I placed them in a frying pan.

I chose this style because it was reminiscent of my childhood breaksfasts my parents would prepare for me and my brother. My mom made her SPAM in this way, and until I was an adult and moved out, I thought that EVERYONE made SPAM this same way. LOL! I heart SPAM and eggs…

SPAM - Mom's Style :)

Hubby's turn out perfect every time...mine, not so much. But I did pretty well that morning!


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