Our Friday Night

Hubby and I definitely have fun wherever we are – we seem to turn any situation into a “date”. Last night, we planned on going to Barnes & Noble by our house for an hour, just the two of us. But our Friday night obligations got the best of us and we found ourselves at our usual place of errands…Wal-mart!

Diapers, cleaning supplies, paper towels, ziplock bags, napkins…

But we entered the sporting goods aisle and started trying on some softball gloves. We’ve been meaning to buy gloves for ourselves so we could toss the ball in the park in this beautiful weather. We looked at it as an “investment” for our family since we can all enjoy it. So there we were, in the empty aisle, just the two of us (and Ella in the cart) tossing the ball. I’m a newbie. Softball has never been my jam but I can see myself already enjoying it. It was just fun playing in the store like little kids.


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