Random Thoughts Thursday

  • Last night I had a really bad dream – the kind that seems too real. :(
  • Felt so absent minded this and highly annoyed this morning – glad I had “me-time” to shake it off!
  • Watching my goddaughter Addy tonight. :)
  • Was happy to see Ella excitedly exploring her new daycare and even happier to give our moms another day off in the week.
  • I almost forgot to post a Random Thoughts Thursday because I didn’t realize it was already Thursday.
  • Thinking of where I want to dine for my birthday… hmmmm.
  • I need a pedi bad – you can only “paint over” your nail polish so many times! LOL.
  • I feel like taking a class – cooking, maybe? That would be fun! I notice as I get older, the idea of learning something new seems to be more appealing while when I was in school, most of the time it seemed like such an obligation versus a “want” to learn.

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