Girls’ Bedroom Project

The projects never end…we are planning to redecorate/refurnish the girls’ room to accommodate Ella. Currently there are two twin beds, so ideally we’d like to have a bunkbed and a detached single or a bunkbed with a trundle. It will be a compromise, to say the least, to have three growing girls sharing one room. But the reality is that Aubreigh and Ella will be sharing the room most of the time since Aly is only with us part-time. If the families in Denmark can make it work, then we can make do with the space we are given, because with how this market is like, there’s no moving any time soon. If you didn’t get my Denmark comment, it’s in regards to an Oprah show about how other women in different countries live – the Danish keep things simple and they don’t need the “biggest” house to be happy. Check out this clip. It was totally inspiring and gave me a new appreciation for our home. :)

Bunkbed with trundle

 Currently the girls’ room is painted a light yellow. I’m thinking we could paint the walls a bright white with a bright accent of color (or maybe two colors). We have to consider all three girls’ ages which are all across the board – 14, 9 and almost 2. So the theme that seems like the safest bet is “feminine & fun”. Although we loved it, I think it’s time to change up their “island girl/aloha” theme which we’ve had for 5 years now. I thought it would be cute to do a 3 Little Birds theme (of course, a nod to Bob Marley’s tune).

Love this design by Dwell Studio

Love the acrylic tree on the wall.

This is what my bedroom would look like - LOL!


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