Weekend Recap

Another busy weekend, but one hour less of it with daylight savings falling this weekend as well. The upside – it’s going to be brighter later. Yay! For some reason, I still feel like I have more of my day left as opposed to getting off at 5pm and driving in the dusk.

Friday, Hubby and I were presented with an unplanned evening to ourselves (with Ella of course). Bub had a date with his gf, Aub went to the ice arena with her friends and Aly went to the movies with her cousin. We posted up in our “lounge” with pillows and blankets and watched a movie with Ella. It was nice, but the exhausted week caught up with me when I feel asleep mid-movie.

Saturday was Aly’s first game. With no softball-mom experience, I was curious as to what this “culture” was going to be like. Seems as if I’ve been part of every other sport/activity – soccer, basketball, football, karate, wrestling, hula…but never softball. Although it was a long day and softball is a slower sport than what I’m used to, I had fun watching Aly play – she’s pretty good! She had a base hit, scored and even had some time playing catcher. I’m really, really proud of her commitment to the sport. Saturday night was the uneventful Pacquiao fight – it was great getting together with family and friends, but I found myself holding back a few yawns! But gotta love the camaraderie and sportsmanship between the two boxers! Here’s a shot of the cupcakes the girls made for fight night – I helped with the Pac-Man’s.

Representing with the Filipino Sun & Pac-Man :)

Sunday was another long softball-oriented day…Opening Day Ceremonies! With Aly and Ella (we left the big kids behind to do homework) in tow, we were lucky to score rockstar parking, and spent another 3 hours or so at the park. It was exciting, fun and we were lucky to soak in the San Diego weather. It was beautiful! But we were exhausted and a tad bit grumpy afterwards  – mostly because we were starving! After some food, we were fine. :)

Ella helping me cook french toast for the family before heading off to Opening Day. Wanted our family to enjoy a nice breakfast together as busy as our weekend was!

Royal Blue Surfers (I designed the banner :) )

Mom & "Slugger"

Mommy & Ella

Met up with my girlfriends for drinks, appetizers and desserts at Avenue 5 Restaurant in the evening. Cute place, nice ambiance, love that there was a musician playing guitar…the food? I’m going to have to pass on visiting this place again. It was just OK. The drink did nothing for me. Eh. We headed down the street to Extraordinary Desserts and the four of us shared a chocolate streudel, a crème brulee carrot cake with a side of mango-banana sorbet, and a lemon crème napoleon. All very, very good. But the best part of the evening was just catching up with these girls and laughing out loud! Good times…

The girls at SPREAD (circa 2004)

The girls at Extraordinary Desserts (2010)


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