Food Creations

If you’re like me or my Hubby, you snap photos of food like it’s an art-form. And what do you end up doing with those photos? Until this blog, Yelp and FB, I’d did nothing with them. Thought I’d share some of the prettier food creations we’ve dished up. Enjoy and be careful – you might get hungry! :)

Salmon Skewers: Inspired by a food-tasting we attended on behalf of my SIL. For the Hubby, it was one of those "I think I can do this" moments.

Fancy Pigs in Blankets: Instead of hot dogs, we fancied it up by using kielbasa wrapped in a crescent pastry.

Shaye's Sliders: The bun is Hawaiian bread - love using Hawaiian bread!

Double-stuffed Potatoes: These were a big hit at the Xmas party we hosted for some of our friends.

Lumpia Shanghai: I used Mom's recipe for this popular Filipino appetizer.

Fancy Mac & Cheese: Hubby's spin on Ina Garten's recipe. Panko bread crumbs made a difference!

Layer Bars & Brownies: The layer bars are made with pecans, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, coconut and of course the sinful condensed milk.

Turntable Cake: Not bad for the first time using fondant and gum paste. Still need practice. We made this for a get-together for Joe and his long-time Unique Technique friends.

Ella's House: A family tradition to create graham cracker houses every year, I helped Ella build her first house!

Easy Easter Cupcakes: This is a regular chocolate cupcake with frosting and shredded coconut colored green with food dye. Place a PEEPS chick on top and voila! You can use any flavor cupcake and frosting.


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