Inspiration for Ella’s 2nd Birthday

LOOKING BACK: When I became part of Joe’s life, Alyannah was just 2 years old. I still remember every birthday party I planned for this child. I obviously enjoy this part of being a Mom. :)

3rd Birthday at Belmont Park Pirates Cove: it was just the 5 of us and she fell asleep during playtime!

4th Birthday, A Princess Party: I dressed her in pink from head to toe, complete with a tiara fit for the princess. And before the cupcake craze started, I made her 3 tiers of cupcakes, which seems to be the trend these days.

5th Birthday, A Safari Birthday: We were settled in our new house and invited a bunch of friends and family over. I made her 2 ice cream cakes with animals on top (because 1 wasn’t enough for our guests). We had a scavenger hunt!

6th Birthday, TGI Friday’s & Nickel City: We hosted appetizers at TGI Friday’s and had the kids join Aly at Nickel City.

7th Birthday, Pump It Up: I was pregnant with Ella. We celebrated at Pump It Up with pretty much her whole 2nd grade class! I designed “activity sheets” personal to Aly, and ordered crayons and personalized pencils that all went in a pencil bag for each kid.

8th Birthday: We had our closest family and friends over and Joe and I made/cooked pretty much everything – pansit, lumpia, salmon skewers, baked ziti, pigs in blankets, sliders and ice cream cake.

9th Birthday: We had our closest family and friends over for pizza, spaghetti and cake. We were determined to keep it simple this year. Afterwards, we took Aly and her cousins and siblings to the movies to watch The Tooth Fairy.

LOOKING FORWARD: And so it begins…the planning for Miss Ella’s 2nd Birthday! I have to say that I am EXTREMELY excited, simply because she is turning 2 and is more interactive at this age. For her 1st birthday last year, we had a party in the park. The theme was “Fun in the Sun, Ella’s Turning 1” but she napped during the pinata, and didn’t really “get” what the fuss was. We had a TON of food and even a Taco Guy! But this year, we’re highlighting the show that is one of Ella’s faves since she started watching TV – and it’s become a family favorite: YO GABBA GABBA! We credit YGG for teaching Ella so many wonderful things and for introducing her to music and dancing. I can’t even tell you how awesome Hubby and I think this show is. We grew up during a time of Atari, beatboxing, and hip-hop and YGG has hints of it throughout each episode. The show clearly engages kids in being creative and artistic – LOVE IT! There is a website dedicated to fanatics such as ourselves – “Try it, you’ll like it!” ;)

So we’re still trying to figure out where to have this party – our house, Mom’s house, the park? Here are some photos that provided me with inspiration. Love the creativity and endless YGG ideas!

MUNO: An artist's work, somewhere in LA.

Gabba Chucks: A crafty mom out there decided to customize a pair of chucks for her daughter. How awesome are these? I'd buy these...I'd probably even wear these. :)

These were custom made somewhere abroad!

Love this invite. One of the parents is a graphic designer.

SIDE 1: Dad is a graphic designer and illustrated this. SO AWESOME!

SIDE 2: Super cute!

Simple & festive - I love how mom mixed in cupcakes with a traditional cake!

Beautiful - I'm sure this was professionally done!

I love this - simple and true to the brand!

DJ Lance Rock's Boombox

Clever - I love the DJ Lance Rock cupcakes!

YGG Cookies: I wouldn't want to eat them, they look so adorable!

Will post updates (and possibly more ideas/photos of inspiration) as soon as we figure out what we want to do for Ella’s birthday party!


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