Weekend Recap

It was another rainy weekend in SD. Aly’s game got cancelled again, Ella and I are still coughing and sniffling, and the crispy gloom weather tried to keep me in bed all weekend. I wouldn’t have minded, only I had an agenda to fulfill – GET ORGANIZED!


Progress on Spring Cleaning

So poor Hubby went off to work on Saturday morning and since Ella rises early every day, I got an early start on my cleaning. As promised to myself, I tackled the master bathroom. Can you believe I filled to the brim one 13 gallon kitchen size trash bag full of old make-up, soaps, expired medicine (ew) and just pure junk? Well, I did and I am so happy to see my counter again! I simplified, categorized, and tossed for at least 2 hours. But boy did it feel good. :) We still have some more work to do in our master bedroom area, but we are making great progress. Next on my list is tackling our closet.

We also cleared our upstairs hallway that was crowded with large garbage bags full of old clothes, books and toys to donate to Addy-EL Bridge. We went through Ella’s section of the closet and passed along her old dresses she’s outgrown.

We reorganized and cleaned our kitchen counters as well – again, hello counter-space! It’s so refreshing. Plus, I had to make room for an early bday present hubby got me. Introducing my new espresso machine – I had been reviewing different brands and this one ranked high! This was priced under $100, and so far this machine does its job well. Thank you, honey!

I had my first homemade latte this weekend - and it was delicious!

Dinner Date – The Latin Chef

Saturday night, we had a date night. Hubby found this place that rated high on Yelp so we decided to check it out since neither of us has ever tried Peruvian or Brazilian fare. Let me just say that this was one of the most delicious meals I’ve had! Highly recommended. We even ran into two of my old co-workers when we arrived (they were leaving) and they were raving about what they just had – always a good sign. :)

Cebiche de Pescado: Ceviche made with sea bass, served with yams, corn & onions.

Coxinha: Fried flour pastry with minced chicken. We dipped this in ketchup.

Lomo Saltado: Sauteed strips of steak with onion, tomatoes, french fries in a gravy with a side of white rice.

Tallarin Verde con Bistec: Top sirloin steak tossed with noodles in a Peruvian pesto sauce made out of basil and pecans.

Lucuma Ice Cream: Made with a tropical Peruvian fruit, lucuma.

Ryan’s 5th Birthday

Our godson Ryan turned 5 and we celebrated at his birthday party yesterday. My girlfriend Rach did an amazing job – she is so crafty! It was a Super Mario Bros. theme so she had made Mario and Luigi hats, she had little crowns for the girls, mustaches for anyone willing to wear them, and she even made a cardboard castle! And can you believe that she made chocolate mustache pops?

Normally, Ella is so clingy to her sisters at these types of functions – they are her security blanket after all. But yesterday she just had her Daddy and I. I was worried as to how she was going to be at this party, especially since she left the house super-grumpy and in need of a nap! I am proud to report that Ella crawled in the castle and played with the other kids (thank you especially to LaTonya’s little Mia), she participated willingly in the piñata, she stood with the other kids (in fact right next to her godbrother) during the birthday cake, and she even joined the group photo at the end! I was impressed because normally, she would be shy, embarrassed and clingy. Good job, Ella!

The Pinata

Party People

Sandra’s Speech at the Oscars

So I am posting this because I was especially touched by Sandra Bullock’s speech at the Oscar’s last night. She won Best Actress in the movie The Blind Side, which I absolutely loved! In her speech she dedicated her award to “the moms who take care of the babies and the children no matter where they came from…” Hearing that made me feel appreciated and celebrated because obviously I have three stepchildren from two different moms (and I believe Bullock is a stepmother as well), but I’ve loved and raised them ever since I became a part of Joe’s life and well before I had Ella. I love all of my kids, and I know they know it. :)

Sunday Morning Breakfast: Made with LOVE by Daddy

Thank you, Daddy!


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