What a day…and it’s only 9:13am!

What goes around comes around…it seems that there has been an email every day for the last two weeks announcing that someone on our team is sick here at work. And sadly, it’s not just one person, but two people at a time…at least…every day. Aly (9 year old) was coughing and sniffling all weekend. Sunday night, I woke up close to midnight fighting a miserable nauseated feeling. It reminded me of the days of hangovers and morning sickness, although neither experiences were close to how badly I was feeling Sunday night. I vomitted what felt like ‘my guts out’! It was horrible. I ended up staying home Monday and realized that my body really did need to take a break. Then last night, a sudden shadow of cold symptoms overwhelms me – headache, stuffy nose and coughing. WTH?! And when I woke up this morning, Hubby texted me to check up on our 17 year old who wasn’t feeling well – he felt nauseated too.

So my morning has been a somewhat organized version of chaos – meaning, I knew what I needed to do, but the list felt long. I got ready, got Ella ready, checked up on Bub, went downstairs and packed Ella’s food bag, got the two girls in the car, dropped off Aub at the high school, dropped off Ella at in-laws, drove to Albertson’s to get meds-chicken noodle soup-crackers for Bub, drove back home, warmed up soup and brought it to Bub, took his temp, and waited to see if the nausea subsided before giving him the meds. Unfortunately, I had to leave for work although my body could’ve used another day of rest. Sigh. I have a lot of work to do so I’m hoping that my day will fly by.

I hope this cold goes away fast. I hate being sick. :(


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