On My Radar

Here are some items that have been on my radar – mind you, I don’t always go out and get what’s on my wish list. Often times, I change my mind about the product in fear of having buyer’s remorse (i.e. it’s too expensive or unpractical). Most times, this list serves as a reminder to treat myself to something nice once in awhile, whether it’s on this list or not! :)

I am loving this scent - it's so feminine and light, and not too overpowering!

I am an Amy Winehouse fan - I love her voice, the rhythms and lyrics of her music. I saw this on a music channel and enjoyed watching it like I was there! I'd love to add this to my concert DVD collection.

I know, another purse! But there are purses that stand out to me and this was one of them. Simple brand has transcended into an eco-friendly company. I love that they use recycled materials. And this design specifically reminds me of my grandmother Inay, who used to sew dresses for my dolls using eyelet fabric. I miss her...

Those who know my style, know that I love wearing hats, namely Kangol style. I have quite a few, but this pattern stood out to me. I like that it's neutral and I can wear it with a lot of pieces I have.

I am loving the Lisa Leonard collection - the personalization is so sweet. There are so many styles that caught my eye, but this "picture frame" design was just too precious.

Sis turned me on to the homemade lattes she made for us while in SF. Since we do a lot of entertaining, thought it would be fun to make lattes for friends and family and get creative with the flavors.


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