Spring Cleaning Now Begins!

It rained last weekend which meant Aly’s game was cancelled and we were able to stay home and dive into our spring cleaning project.
Part 1: Tackle The Master Bedroom
I realized that instead of feeling relaxed in our bedroom, I was starting to feel stressed each time I walked in. Our space has become a holding cell for our and Ella’s items, junk mail, magazines, our excess in Xmas accessories (hello, it’s March!)…and it’s driving me CRAZY! So we made some progress in clearing out some items namely the crib that Ella really never slept in! LOL. Thanks to my BFF, the crib has a home and will hopefully be used more than just to hold baby clothes in the drawer beneath. That cleared up a ton of space which we may fill in with a shelving unit or desk at some point – we are just focused on cleaning the space first. 

Then, we started going through what seems like the millions of magazines laying around. I created 3 piles: 1) Toss 2) Donate to either our work or our moms for reading material 3) Archive (I have tons of recipe and graphic design mags that I want to keep for reference). This weekend we are off to IKEA to get these magazine organizers.  

Only $2.99 for 2


Part of our “master bedroom” is our “master bathroom” which we will be attacking soon. We’ve already cleared some space by removing our green ottoman (which I had bought for my colorful condo) sitting in our vanity space. It had no business being in our bathroom so off it went into our garage converted lounge. It actually works there and offers more seating and storage for blankets. Now we need to get some sort of organization going on in there, starting with the purchase of a caddy to hold toilet paper, air freshener, soaps…you know, bathroom related items. Ideallythis thing will be above the toilet or affixed to a wall. I’m ok with the standing shelves over the toilet, but these are options I like too.  

I like the dark wood look - I'd even go for plain & simple floating shelves.


I like the look of this too.


Then we need to set up our office/bill paying area. We don’t have a ton of room to work with since we also have a loveseat in that area.  

Something small and simple like this.



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