SF Part 2: FOOD

We were only in SF for two days, but we managed to venture out to some fabulous restaurants that had a lot of buzz, others were just jewels in the city that J&Y introduced us to.

Anniversary Dinner at Absinthe:
As soon as we walked in, we were seated – Hubby made reservations early on and mentioned it was our anniversary. Before we were even seated, the front of the house wished us a “congrats” at least three different times. Overall, the experience was amazing. We arrived hungry and ready to order everything. 

I ordered one of their popular drinks that I was curious about, since I read about it in Yelp – The Galapagos. There were two “mysterious round objects” on the bottom of my glass which I thought were either olives or blueberries…wrong! They were brandied cherries. :)

Pisco, Kaffir lime leaf muddled in pepper syrup, lemon-lime juice, and a splash of grapefruit juice. Shaken & served up with sunken brandied cherries.

 We started with their pan roasted mussels and clams which were in a chorizo, white bean broth – and we had to order their frites that came with a side of dijon mustard (didn’t care for it), thyme infused malt vinegar (yum) and roasted bell pepper aioli (SO GOOD). We were so hungry that we didn’t take a picture of this one! LOL. 

What to order, what to order. We wanted to try their soups since Chef was a self-proclaimed soup genius,  so we went for it. We ordered the celery root soup and french onion soup. So fantastic! I’m not a big onion lover (or liker), but the french onion soup at Absinthe was delicious. The celery root soup was good as well, very mild but comforting. 

For dinner, I stayed true to my pledge to try grits for the first time so I ordered slow-cooked pork confit over house made bacon, collard greens, and cheese grits. It was very good but sadly our entrees took way too long to come out and after the starters, I was inching towards “full status”. Hubby ordered their braised beef cheeks with smoked yams and sauteed kale. Damn, those yams! I couldn’t stop eating them off his plate! And the beef cheeks were good too! Here’s a shot of the braised beef cheeks:

Beef cheeks, kale and yams from heaven!

As full as I was, I had room in my belly…more like a desire…for dessert. We shared their cookie plate which included blood orange meltaways, double-chocolate-chipmalt cookie, chocolate hazelnut sticky bun, and Oreo cheesecake bites…HEAVEN! The double-chocolate-chipmalt cookie were mini versions of my fave cookie – the chocolate duet from Panera of all places. So I was especially happy. 

Happy 3 Year Anniversary to us!

Sunday Lunch at Papalote:
After hours of shopping and walking around in the rain, you can bet we built up an appetite. Starving, we were. We wanted to venture out to the Mission to inhale the burrito that beat Bobby Flay in the burrito throwdown. So we did. We waited. A while. But mission completed, we satisfied our hunger with the winning Triple Threat Burrito! We were able to meet one of the co-owners, who also moonlight as DJs. Not sure I’d pay $19.95 for a burrito on a regular basis, but it hit the spot. Glad we got to try it. 

Papalote's kicked some burrito lovin' butt!

This bad boy had perfectly marinated beef, chicken and shrimp blanketed in a flour tortilla.

Sunday Dinner at Farmer Brown
Sis picked out this soul-food joint in the Tenderloin neighborhood. Loved the vibe! Some of us were still full from the mexican food we scarfed down for lunch, but we still loved the experience (and especially the company ;) )

We started with sweet potato fries and sis and I ordered a cocktail – though, not the one featured below, we were amused by it.

Classic. Should have been FREE.

The men ordered this manly sweet tea.

Cheers to 3 years!

Hubby and I shared a platter of soul food goodness: fried chicken, collard greens and mac and cheese. Oh, that mac and cheese was probably the best I’ve ever had. And that fried chicken…wish it was a bucket of 8 instead of 2 pieces. So wonderful! Then we shared the meyer lemon cheesecake and banana pudding. Both were very good!

Ate this all up - sis also offered some of her BBQ ribs, but we were stuffed and gave them back to her. LOL.

Of all the cheesecakes I've ever had in my life, this was the FIRST lemon one. It was delish!

Banana pudding - simply good.

Love you J&Y!

We visited some other spots including Just For You Cafe where they had a ton of international favorites including chorizo and eggs (what I ordered), beignets (what sis ordered), jambalaya (what Y ordered) and longonisa (what Hubby ordered). J&Y also took us to this place called Rainbow Grocery – think of Sweet Factory but for spices, teas, coffees, pastas, etc. Heaven for people like Hubby and I. We were in there for awhile!


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