SF Part 1: ART & MUSIC

Our anniversary weekend in SF was so wonderful. Hubby and I indulged in the passions that brought us together in the first place: music, art & food. My sis-in-law and bro-in-law are the best – they took us everywhere we wanted to go (dinners, art class, shopping) and introduced us to new places. They opened their comfy urban condo to us, which allowed us to catch up on much needed (and wanted) rest and good laughs. With four kids, we aren’t able to wake up when WE want to, so being able to do just that and follow our own agenda was truly a gift to us. Thanks J&Y. (And thanks to my brother and sis-in-law here in SD for watching the baby for us – made our trip worry-free!)

{We did so much in just two days that I’m breaking up these posts in two. Art & Music for Part 1. Food for Part 2.}

We took our fancy camera with us on the trip so we could capture the beauty of the city life. J&Y’s condo is sweetly adorned with photos and finds from their travels, and I loved how perfectly they furnished their place…so needless to say, their condo was  a playground for me to photograph.

Outside the 1:AM SF Gallery, ready to learn about the history of graffiti.

This month's theme at 1:AM SF is "The City", artwork inspired by the city of SF. Such creativity filled this room.

Just one of the pieces of lit telling the history behind graffiti - this one is specifically NY based.

Every "writer" needs their tools.

One of our favorites during the walking tour - all done with spray paint.

Told you I was a "writer". :)

NATE1 putting together a special piece for us.

JS3 for our 3rd Anniversary with our kids' first initials tagged on the top.

Class mural.

Had to pick up one of these little guys.

My B-I-L's finds...we all went a little crazy at Amoeba!

Picked this based on the artwork - had no idea this was 1 in 1,000 that was leaked out to the public until the cashier had to double-check the pricing.

Had to pick this one up.

Photo of the bridge.

J&Y watching the footage Hubby captured from their wedding day.

Anniversary gift from my Hubby / Sis lounging with her latest read


Had fun picking up chocolate for the fam - loved the packaging & design.

My new obsession.

Sis made us the best lattes all weekend long!

Tune in for Part 2…


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