Random Thoughts Thursday

  • So much to do and prep before our trip: Ella’s clothes & food for the weekend, buy a canvas for our graffiti class, laundry, print out addresses for places we’ll be dining at, make changes to Aly’s softball banner, buy a gift for CJ’s bday…and I’m sure there’s more. We need to pack too!
  • So excited for our romantic dinner at our fave Oceanaire – mmmm!
  • Thinking of leaving work early today – see the first bullet point.
  • The character/author in The Happiness Project  totally reminds me of myself! I guess it’s more beneficial reading about a character similar to yourself so you can relate.
  • Forecast says it’s going to rain in SF this weekend – but a little rain never stops us from having a good time. Plus, it’s romantic! :)
  • A piece of advice my sis-in-law told me once keeps ringing in my head – in a good way. She told me that when something is said aloud, whether true or not, there is power in those words. It’s made me more conscious about the words and advice I lend to my children. Or even how I deliver critique or discipline. Ever since she told me this, it’s made me more aware and mindful of how I talk to the kids. The other day, before I layed into Aubreigh about being “last-minute” with several important items, I told her that I was proud of her and listed several reasons why (she’s really turned herself around) and she looked at me with her full attention, as if to capture ever word of praise that she so deserved. Because I praised her first, she accepted my reaction to her being last-minute and even apologized. (Thanks for the advice, sis!)
  • Our kids gave us an anniversary card so sweet with words that made me cry (glad I read it privately). In their (Aub & Bub) note to me, they thanked me for coming into their Dad’s life and thanked their Dad for finding someone who loved them as much as she loved him. Words are powerful.
  • When we get back from our trip, we need to clean…especially our room.
  • I don’t where this recent obsession with dark chocolate “anything” came from! Munching on dark chocolate yogurt covered raisins – yum!

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