A Love Note

This was written in the Valentine’s Day note from our kids:

Dearest Mom & Daddy,

Happy Valentine’s Day! Can you believe this is our sixth Valentine’s together? Well thank you for all the LOVE you have unconditionally showered us with over the years and the endless gifts you give us even when we don’t deserve them. You have been the best parents a child could ask for and we are so thankfulto have a mom and dad to support and guide us as much as you have. You two go to the ends of the earth to make sure we are happy and although it may seem as if we don’t notice the extent  that you go to for us, we acknowledge and appreciate every bit of it. We definitely need to work on displaying our appreciation towards you guys through words, actions, and gifts. We’re sorry we didn’t do as much for you as you did for us today, but we hope you know we love you with all our HEARTS.


Bub, Aubs, Aly & Ella

…and at the end of the day, reading a note like this makes everything make sense. Had to share…


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