Valentine’s Day Weekend

I was introduced to a fabulous website – – and I just HAD to pick up a few things for the hubby for V’day.  This website is so hilarious – I could spend hours looking at the stuff they sell! This is what I got him:

I wanted to make him a CD of songs that remind us of our relationship and where we are now. The last CD I made him was 7 years ago! Then, I saw THIS! Had to get it - mix of old school and new technology. He LOVED it!


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Back in the day, when you wanted to get your gin and juice frosty you had to reach for some lame ice cubes. If you want to get your party crack-a-lackin' you're going to want to bring the noise with these Hip Hopsicle beverage chillers.

LOVE Nacho Libre - plus Hubby needed something to distinguish his "twin keys".


DWELL Magazine: With the zillions of magazine subscriptions I have, I thought he deserved to get something fun in the mail too. He actually asked for this but didn't expect it so soon! (not from PK)

I agree with PK – we should always “entertain our inner child”. We also gave each other sentimental cards with personal notes to each other (which at the end of all the present-opening, means the most anyway). The weekend was so busy with the kids’ games and practices, but it was so nice to be able to spend time with them in this gorgeous weather and just “catch up”! Our kids were so thoughtful and gave us these hand-made “DATE NIGHT” and “KIDS COOK BREAKFAST & DINNER” coupons – so sweet! We even used one last night – Hubby and I snuck away and had a late-night recap over a cup of Starbucks at our “spot”. That had to be the best part of my Valentine’s Day – warm drinks and easy conversation with the love of my life. :)

So excited for this weekend…;)


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