Forward & Back

{looking forward} Another busy work week comes to an end…hallelujah! I am so excited to jump right into the weekend – no big exciting plans in place, but just want to spend time with the hubs and kids. Not sure if I’ll be able to sleep in past 6am on Saturday with all the games and practices happening, but I’m hopeful for Sunday, which is also Valentine’s Day. We have all the kiddies, so I’m looking forward to some nice family-time spent. Joe and I will squeeze in some “us” time in the evening sometime – the kids never mind and always offer to watch Ella, while we sneak over to our neighborhood coffee shop or bookstore to just hangout. It’s almost as if they feel we deserve that time together alone. But our big anniversary date is next week – dinner at our favorite Oceanaire restaurant followed by a weekend getaway to SF. Oooooh, I cannot wait!

{looking back} Last night, I was able to get home before everyone else and for the first time in awhile, I was by myself in the house. I was cooking dinner – the TV wasn’t on, no music – just me and the sounds and smells of cooking “chicken afritada”. It reminded me of the days when I wasn’t working – one of those bittersweet memories during that time. I’d shop for groceries with Ella during the day and have a nice warm homecooked meal ready to serve the family. Lunches were packed and I had time to go over homework and get involved in school projects. I felt organized and involved, but I remember that a piece of me was always worried and unsure. I will always be thankful for that period of time in my life for many reasons, but mainly because I was able to experience giving 100% of my time to my family.


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