Random Thoughts Thursday

  • Last night was fun – late-night Starbucks with my brother, and 3 of my cousins. Hilarious story-telling and reminiscing. I can’t believe how grown up my cousins are and how much we’ve all changed. We def need to do this more often.
  • I’m down 4 lbs – whew! :)
  • I finally started my new book The Happiness Project – yay!
  • So proud of my brother for starting his foundation to help an orphanage in the Philippines – inspiring and promising.
  • I heard something interesting on Oprah that developed a new perspective for me – she said every child in a family has a different experience even if the overall experience is positive. Her example: One child can say “We had ice cream every Saturday.” But another child may say “Yeah, but I was always last.” I thought that was a key lesson in understanding my own children – one child specifically. Because they’re so different, their experiences will be different. It will make me more aware.
  • I heard that an old-coworker was asking about me for a marketing opportunity – it’s always nice to be asked about. We’ll see what happens.
  • So so so glad that we don’t owe in taxes this year – last year we were screwed – but this year we get a refund!
  • Going to connect my new phone this weekend (no time this week). I bought the Palm Pixi from my girlfriend who got it as a giveaway on the Ellen Show – she doesn’t have Sprint, so I asked to buy it off her. Sleek and perfect for multi-taskers like myself.
  • Requested tickets from the Ellen Show yesterday – the only “availability” (although not guaranteed) was for April 7th so I’m crossing my fingers.
  • I feel sleep deprived. :(
  • Can’t wait to spend Vday with my hubby and kids this weekend – might try out this place in Pt. Loma called Cupcakes Squared, if we have time. http://www.cupcakessquared.com
  • I’m so jealous that the kids are off on Friday and Monday!
  • Not that anyone really cares but the timestamp on my posts (except the last two) are incorrect – the date and time. I fixed it, so it should be accurate now.

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