The Weekend Officially Begins…Now!

It is rare when Hubby and I get  a weekend to ourselves (and technically it’s not just the two of us, we still have Ella with us. :) ) Our unique family situation allows us one weekend a month where the three older kids are with their other families. Although I miss my other kids during these weekends, I see those times as opportunities for us to get re-energized and reconnected – it’s usually when we plan for our date nights.

This weekend is one of those weekends. We have a jam-packed weekend ahead of us – date night tonight, watching Ella and my niece tomorrow morning – taxes done in the afternoon – double birthday dinner for Mom and Eff – then we’ll stay the night at the B. Resort; Sunday is Superbowl altho it’s pretty much a non-event for us – groceries & errands – pay bills. I hope that we can sneak in some time for just relaxing and kicking back. It’s supposed to rain all weekend so how romantic is it to get into our comfy clothes, drink a warm cup of tea latte, cuddle under our blankets, and watch TV. We’ve been so busy this week – the kids had finals so Joe and I tried to help them out by relieving them of their chores so they can focus on studying – but this is on top of all the cooking, driving, working, and taking care of Ella. So we’re beat up…but there’s so much to look forward to.

I will be receiving my new book “The Happiness Project” tomorrow. Thank you, Amazon! I just ordered a few fun things for Valentine’s Day and my purse is on order – my Valentine’s Day/Anniversary gift from Hubby – so excited! And I am determined to finish our family newsletter this weekend – long overdue – way overdue. That’s how busy I’ve/we’ve been. HAPPY FRIDAY!


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