Random Thoughts Thursday

  • Can’t wait to watch Dear John tomorrow, opening night! I hope the movie is just as good as the book.
  • That sweet potato corn chowder at Souplantation was mmm mmm good. So good, I told my hubby about it and now we’re going this weekend.
  • Mom and Sis-in-Law’s bday celebration is this weekend – can’t wait for our much needed “getaway” and just spending time with my fam.
  • I am thankful that my brother and I can tag-team when it comes to watching each other’s daughters. It works out well and we can give each other a break or date night.
  • 9 year old was back with us yesterday and said that her bio-mother 1) did not say Happy Birthday to her, just asked how it was 2) did not have even a card for her and 3) said the softball equipment (glove & cleats) she received a couple of weeks ago was in fact her birthday gift. Not even a phone call on her birthday – horrible. Instead she received more birthday wishes/gifts from my BFF, my parents and her Uncle & Auntie from SF.
  • Happy I got to catch up with my BFF the other night over dinner.
  • Wondering what I want to bake for Valentine’s Day.
  • I have to get our kiddies their Valentine’s this weekend.
  • I think I’ve put off Costco for more than a month now!
  • Superbowl will be a quiet chill day with Hubby & Ella.
  • Ella’s “monkey” game made me smile. :)
  • Hubby’s beef steak dinner last night was AMAZING! Damn good and could not stop eating it.
  • Taxes this weekend – I can’t wait to see if we owe.
  • Working on a fun freelance project for UT – will post later.
  • I am ready for the weekend. 

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