On My Radar

I don’t usually want things for myself. In fact, it’s rare if I ever have an answer for the question “What do you want for Christmas?” or “What do you want for your birthday?” Those questions always trigger me to ask myself “Is there anything that I REALLY want?” I’m not a materialistic person and my shopping is either spontatneous or driven by a need (like I need a new pair of jeans)…as much as I’d like it to be, it’s never really a hunt for something fun. With several magazine subscriptions, I’ve noticed a few items that would be “nice to haves” but definitely not a “need” by any stretch. Maybe I can “hunt” some of these down for myself and treat myself. :)

I saw this in one of my magazines and thought it was awesome and a steal of a deal! It’s a make-up train case that is small enough to keep in our bathroom, big enough to store my stash, and perfect for travel! The best part is that it has speakers and a connector for your iPod. How cool is that?! AND it comes with One Step 4-in-1 make-up that combines a primer, foundation, concealer and powder in one container; eyeshadow with an eyeshadow brush; convertible color which can be used for either your cheeks or lips (hence the word convertible); lip glaze in a grapefruit shade; and refillable eyeshadow compact. All of this for only $69.90!!!

This book has been featured in several of my mags and I’ve noticed it on display at B&N. It’s written by and about a career woman who is also a mother. She analyzes her life and realizes what truly makes her happy in her busy life. I’m looking for a new read, so this could be it.

This is more of  a project I’m looking forward to once I have the time. I want to organize all of my (and maybe my daughters’) creative materials like ribbons, scrapbook paper, gift wrap, sheers, tape, crayons, markers, etc. and if space allows it, would like to have a little craft station. This is just an idea I found to inspire me.

The husband has been asking me even before the holidays what kind of purse I wanted. This is something I usually like picking out for myself – no offense to anyone attempting to buy me a purse. I guess since it’s something I carry with me everywhere, I want to make sure it’s functional and my style. I found this on Zappos and it’s perfect for me, down to the “name” of the purse which is “Ella”. I wasn’t looking for a plaid purse, but I saw this and immediately fell in love with it. The colors are great, I love the style and the size is perfect (I love big purses!!!) – there’s plenty of room for all my “stuff”. I think I’m going to have to hunt this one down! :)


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