I am so excited for our trip to SF in a couple of weeks! A weekend filled with everything we love–after all, it is OUR anniversary. I didn’t want to do anything touristy and although the hubs thought about taking me to a show, I chose a “new experiences” and “culinary adventures” instead. But I love him for thinking of it. :) After much research and really trying to figure out what we want to do in these two days, we finally came up with this:

Graffiti Class at the 1:AM Museum – that’s right a class that teaches us the art of graffiti! Right up our alley since hubby and I love art, especially urban art. I think it will be great to take a class with him and enjoy the artwork in the museum itself. We’ll leave with new techniques and information to share with our kids and no, we’re not going to encourage them to tag all around town. http://1amsf.com/

Search for the Best Crab Cakes at Pier 39 – it happens to be Crab Fest during the whole month of February and I love me some crab cakes! I know it’s impossible (or indigestable in the stomach and wallet) to try every establishment’s crab cake, but we plan on hitting up a few places and doing our own taste test/judging…it’s the Tom Collichio in us. :) Should be a ton of tasty fun!

Tulipmania at Pier 39 – I love love love tulips – my favorite flower – so we plan to enjoy them at the wharf and take some great pictures…probably with crab cake in hand!

Anniversary Dinner at Absinthe – we are huge fans of Top Chef and I was determined to dine at a former Top Chef contestant’s restaurant, with hopes that they are still the Chef de Cuisine. I found Absinthe where Jamie Lauren (part of Team Rainbow in Season 5) is Executiv Chef. It’s in a neighborhood called Hayes Valley, where sis-in-law said would be perfect to go before dinner – boutiques and cafes!

Good Music Deals at Amoeba – every time we’re in SF, we always make it a point to hit up Amoeba. We are children in a candy store, strumming through the files of CDs and vinyl looking for a hidden treasure!

Shopping on the Haight – I love shopping Haight Street – so many shops and unique items…plus amazing people-watching!

Souvenir Treasure Hunt – I thought it would be fun to have a treasure hunt for unusual things to make our shopping fun and adventurous: Most Unusual Flavored Coffee, Silliest Souvenir, Cheapest Music Find, Paul Frank item…we’re coming up with more!

Soul Food with Sis & Bro-in-Law at Farmer Brown’s – they recomended this place and the menu looks so good. I have never ever had grits in my life so I plan on chalking up another first at this place.

I am so excited and we’re bringing our Papa Canon with us on this trip so I will be posting pictures from our Anniversary Adventures in SF. I can’t wait.


One thought on “Dun-Dada-Dun!

  1. Hi DigableDiva…I’m very sure it will be a memorable trip!! Love your hubby no matter what and he will do the same ten fold…Trust in Your Love!! Best wishes- AdmiaralReader

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