Weekend Recap

It’s no surprise that this past weekend was yet another busy one! We had all of the kids, had basketball games, and birthday parties (one for Joe’s god-daughter and the other for our 9 year old). The first part of Saturday was me and the kids (Joe had to work) – early start for all of us. Had to get Aub to her first game by 7:30am and it was the first time I took Ella to one of her games. Kind of challenging but easier to manage with the two other kids there to help out – and man, did they help out a lot – they’re wonderful with her! A scored 4 points, played tight D but they still lost. I’m proud of her efforts despite the poor coaching that causes somewhat of a disability to the team. I found myself feeling embarrassed when the coach yelled at one of the girls “There’s no room to be polite in basketball!” That could have been more of a comment behind the scenes but it happened when you could hear a pin drop, and just made our team look ridiculous being lead by this woman. I mean, if you’re going to coach a team to endless defeats you should at least be a good role model and preserve some of that dignity. Nope. After the game, we headed to the McDonald’s Bistro (yes, Bistro) to have breakfast. I was able to chat with some of Aub’s team members, have a heart-to-heart about relationships with Bub, and the other two girls got to play in play yard. It was a nice morning spent with all of our kids. We made it out to Joe’s gd’s 1st birthday and by the time we headed home, each and every one of us was exhausted!

The next day was Aly’s 9th birthday. Part of our family tradition for the past 6 years or so is that the night before one of us hangs a “Happy Birthday” banner so that it is the first thing the bday celebrant sees when they arrive downstairs. It’s so simple, but has grown to be a special tradition for us. We kept it simple this year since this child has had a major bday parties since I can remember. Pizza, spaghetti, tuxedo cake (our fam’s fave) and cookies and creme ice cream (her choice). After lunch, we dropped all of the kids off at the movies to watch the Tooth Fairy, and we were able to just relax and clean up a bit. She was happy and thanked Joe and I for her birthday. So sweet. Her cousin and aunt (on her mother’s side) called to wish her a happy birthday by way of Aub’s cell, but strangely enough (but no surprise) she didn’t hear from her own mother. That woman. I guess it was no surprise to Aly (or Aub) either because she didn’t even ask about her. And she’s old enough now to recognize these things. I know she felt the love from everyone yesterday, regardless of the lack of effort from her own mother which happens year after year. Sadly, this behavior has become an expected thing.

Can’t wait for this coming weekend – Dear John is finally going to be out and Joe and I have a date night locked in for Friday. Saturday, Joe, Ella and I and my side of the family are heading to Sage to celebrate Mom and sis-in-law’s bdays, and we’re doing an overnight stay there as well. It will be a nice little getaway! I can’t wait…


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