Weekend Recap

  • Felt bad for hubby’s cousin who was visiting for his honeymoon – weather was really bad last week, and had they only come a week later they’d be soaking in this magnificent San Diego weather that we pay so much for!
  • Daughter got a steal and scored 4 points last weekend at her basketball game – hooray!
  • McDonalds has a gourmet bistro in Carmel Valley? Really??
  • Finished my book – finally! It was amazingly good and I was surprised at how emotional I was. It’s called Dear John and hubby will be taking me to watch it opening weekend. Yay!
  • Went to Kensington Grill after all. Lamb spring rolls, calamari, pork osso bucco, chocolate pot de creme, banana bread pudding…mmmmmm!
  • I think I’m turning into a fan of bread pudding after the last three I’ve tried at Urban Solace, Luc’s Bistro and Kensington Grill.
  • Finally, making more progress on our next family newsletter.
  • I made up my mind – I think I’m going to cut FB ties with someone who is friends with the evil J – conflict of interest, sorry! ;)
  • I had a great time at Godson’s 3rd birthday this weekend.
  • I loved seeing my best girlfriends this weekend.
  • We’re getting close to booking our family trip – woohoo! Not Hawaii this year though, but will be just as fun. :)
  • Started WW officially today. Determined to trim down by family vacation time.
  • Hubby took me shopping this weekend – thanks hon!
  • Had my favorite cookie – Chocolate Duet from Panera…it was sinfully good.
  • Shopped for daughter’s 9th birthday this weekend – no huge celebration this year, but we have something special planned.
  • I think I have the best brother ever – random, but I just realized that I am lucky.
  • Back to work…busy with V’day emails.

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