Rainy Thursday Thoughts

  • What is up with these storms? Since my office has windows, I get freaked out seeing how hard it’s raining and blowing outside! Not to mention this office has a leak – bleh. I think it’s crazy that San Diego was on tornado watch – what?!!
  • I think I was late to work every day this week.
  • I hope I don’t regret adding someone to my FB – and no, it’s not an ex.
  • This bagel sandwich is the bomb – chorizo, eggs, and cheese!
  • It’s good to have the hubby home. :)
  • I am scared to drive in the rain.
  • I still haven’t had time to finish my book and I’m dying to get back to reading it!
  • I hope the rain doesn’t ruin my Godson’s birthday party this weekend.
  • I hope my daughter’s basketball team plays better than last weekend – I blame it on the coaching.
  • I am excited to eat good food tomorrow…mmmm!
  • I wish weekends were longer – who came up with weekends being on Saturdays and Sundays only?
  • I wish I could have slept longer today.
  • I miss the days when I was a stay-at-home – yes I said it! But I do not miss the lack of income.
  • Getting paid weekly rocks!

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