Future Planning

I find myself more than ever watching our budget and for the first time in 6 years I feel like I’m gaining control of our finances again. So many things happened in the last two years, the biggest was me being laid off. We took a hit in several ways, but are finally seeing the light at the end of the once very dark tunnel. We put off so many things – mostly travel and the purchase of a much needed third vehicle. But we realized that at the time that they really weren’t a priority, and we were able to survive without it. I am proud at the fact that although we faced some hardships, we were able to continue to give our kids the things they needed, feed them good food and celebrate their birthdays and the holidays.

Today, I am happy to see us spending more mindfully. We do fun things, but we plan for it in advance and reserve a little for spontaneous spending. We are also able to save for emergencies and hopefully a family vacation this year. Destination…it’s in the works. But if all goes well, it will be nice trip for all of us. It feels good to live on our real income and within our means, and to see things being paid off. I can’t wait to have our SUV paid off this year so we can get a third vehicle. Most likely, I will drive the new car, my hubby will have the SUV and our son will take the Civic. For now, we’re being humble in many ways, and splurging in other ways. I have been meal-planning and cooking again – not as often as I did when I stayed at home, but we’ve been eating out a lot less these days. This weekend, I get to splurge a little and I cannot wait – Restaurant Week and Shopping. :)


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