Random Thoughts Thursday

  • I will miss my hubby while he is away and am praying that I will survive his absence
  • A lot of people here at work talk as if there are question marks at the end of everything they say (even if they are not asking a question)
  • I am happy that I turned my frown upside down (or into a crown as my husband says) earlier this week
  • I am so proud of Ella for being off the bottle for over a week now, and eating more solids
  • I am surprised that I’ve been blogging every day, give or take a day or two
  • I am sad that I haven’t had a chance to dive into my latest read – hope I can finish it before the movie comes out
  • I wish the weekend wasn’t so busy so I can spend more quality time with the kids but I will do my best
  • I realize that raising a teenage girl is far more work than raising a teenage boy – sigh
  • I am hoping that I can gear myself up to really start my regimen next week – crossing fingers
  • I love food – too much
  • My neck hurts from sleeping in an awkward position
  • I’m already thinking of what I can do next with my hair
  • I am annoyed by my parents’ rude house guests from the PI (you don’t have maids anymore, people!)
  • I am worried for my Dad’s health
  • I am excited to get rid of clutter this weekend
  • I hope I can work on the next family newsletter this weekend and get it out before SD’s bday
  • I’m contemplating where hubby and I can go for our anniverary next month (although it may happen in March)
  • I am excited for restaurant week next week
  • I am excited for the Chargers game – it’s a big one

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