Time to Get With the Program

Okay! I need a plan of attack. I see that the ‘lax’ approach isn’t working out so well for me in the health department. I need to push myself to work harder…or just work at all at this. I’m not sweating…at all. My workouts aren’t making me breathe hard enough. And I seem to be eating everything in sight. Hmmm…not good.

I just scoped out the gym here at work – not bad, not bad at all! Nobody was there at the hour I went in. Perfect. I hate working out in front of a large crowd of vain muscled-out men who offer their workout tips or stare at themselves in the mirror between reps. I mind it in the beginning when I’m just starting out again. I don’t mind so much when I’ve accustomed myself to a routine, schedule and the nature of the equipment. I hate passing up a workout because I’m really not sure how to use the machine. I prefer looking like a fool by myself, thank you very much!

So my plan is starting next week, I will hit up the gym 3 times at the not-so-busy hour. Will just focus on cardio for now and maybe a little muscle toning. I plan to pack protein and veggies for lunch whether it be a steamed veggies, a stir-fry, or a side salad. Then for dinner, eat what I want but a WW portion of it. The biggest thing here is portion control…something I’ve forgone along the way. But I am confident I’ll get back on  track. I did it before when I was working part-time and it seemed so simple. No excuses. I need to put forth more effort and be creative – maybe walk with friends or hubby, experiment with new recipes, try healthier options on the menu, play sports with my kids…

I need to get over this cold first…but I’ll be ready next week! I will try to provide updates here too.


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