Random Thoughts Thursday

  • Can’t wait for my date night with Hubby this weekend – dinner and a movie
  • I say “Yay-yuh” a lot – LOL
  • I hope girls’ bio mom cooperates – you never know with this one
  • So happy to get hugs and kisses from my little nephew who turned 2 yesterday
  • Excited about taking my munchkin and niece to the zoo on Sunday
  • I wish I had more work so my days would fly by faster
  • So proud that Ella is on Day 3 of being off the bottle…but now I have to find a way to get her to drink her milk
  • Glad I went on a walk with my BFF :)
  • So glad we don’t’ have to worry about dinner tonight
  • Proud that we’ve been sticking to a budget for more than a month now – hope we reach our goals
  • I wonder where we will take a family vacation this year – Hawaii, Florida, Cruise, San Fran, East Coast
  •  I wish I could travel more in general
  • I don’t get enough sleep on most days – wish I could wake up whenever my body was ready to get up
  • Our new shower head is just amazing – spa-worthy!
  • I realize that whenever I talk to my hubby we start on one topic and I change topics at least 3 different times and come back to the original topic – I just have so much to tell him :)
  • My body is sore from a workout I did 2 days ago

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