Romance is in the Ayer

So, as a copywriter, I get to come up with the cute, clever and catchy! “Romance is in the Air” was my recent work and gotta love the creative team I work with. One of the designers sent me a funny email asking if he can revise my copy to “Romance is in the Ayer”. I jokingly told him that I was going to suggest making that change and that he should include a famous hip-hip artist to help sell more cupcakes (the product we’re marketing). So he did. He added Flo-Rida. LOL.

Romance is in air with our 3 year anniversary and Valentine’s Day around the corner. In fact, who needs an occasion to have a romantic evening. I’m planning a date night with my hubby for this weekend. Going to a new French restaurant called Luc’s Bistro and going to watch Avatar (more for him, than me…I’m just being a sport and good wifey).

One of my goals for the New Year is to travel with the hubby somewhere and plan a family vacation with all of our kids. Ideally we’d like to go to Hawaii but we just don’t know if that’s in the budget. We do want to go somewhere, even if we have to drive there. We’ll see…I am just trying to do research and save as much as possible.


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