Hi, Heels!

After I was laid off, I found myself in an indefinite sabbatical that later turned into one of the greatest turning points of  my life. During that time, I did the “stay-at-home-mom” thing. Watched my newborn, took the kids to school, picked them up, planned meals, went grocery shopping, ran errands, and cooked a nice warm dinner almost every night! So, if you can only imagine, there was no need, no interest, no energy placed in vanity. It was sweats or jeans and flip flops for me, almost every day. There was no reason for me to get dressed up, put on make-up and wear nice shoes.

Back in the working world again, I have this excitement to get dolled up again – get my hair done, put on a little bit of make-up (never really was a big make-up person) and wear cute clothes and shoes! I realized, though, that I need to get used to wearing heels again. And when I wear heels, I wear heels! This morning, it was just Ella and I left in the house, which meant I had to carry all of my stuff AND all of her stuff downstairs, while making sure she’s making it down the stairs safely. I was just hoping that I wouldn’t snag my heel on the carpet or trip – that would be ugly! Mission accomplished, and we both made a safe landing to the lower level of our house.

Thank goodness this job and the one before is casual enough where I CAN wear flip-flops if I wanted to. But it’s nice to be able to give yourself options – heels, make-up, and clothes other than those with an elastic waistband. :)


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