Sunday, Stay Sunday

It’s Sunday. Did I accomplish everything that I wanted to accomplish this weekend? Do I ever? When I lived alone in my cozy little condo, I had a schedule. I cleaned my condo every weekend. It was manageable. Nowadays, my life is based on a single mantra: “Do my best.”  After all, that’s all you can do in the hours you’re given. You make choices on how you want to spend your time. Which household to-do is priority? Do I want to steal some time for myself today? More work or more play?

Weekends, especially when all of our kids are with us, are dedicated to family – plain and simple. As long as we don’t need to be anywhere, we sleep in a little, cook breakfast, clean the house, and do something fun as a family. My goal is to always get all the laundry done – something about having clothes fresh and clean in time to start a new week. It’s one of the ways I “take care of my family”. Hubby or I make breakfast on at least one day of the weekend – breakfast pasta, biscuits and gravy, or even SPAM and eggs! I love the excitement on our kids’ faces as they wake up to aromas of homecooking, and greet us good morning by asking if we’re cooking “x,y,z”. This weekend, I finished the laundry – hooray! We cooked breakfast both Saturday and Sunday. We took our kids to the mall to go shopping with gift cards they had received for Christmas. We don’t typically visit the mall as a family, as you can imagine it can get expensive with 4 kids. But it was nice being “outdoors”. Proud of our son, who drove us around all day. Although I had moments of pressing my foot on the imaginary brake as part of my parental reflex, he did a good job. But I did have to remind him about hand-over-hand turns and 10-and-2. Ay-ay-ay…I felt like I took his “cool” away. LOL. Better to be safe than…cool. :) 14 year old daughter bought make-up today and we had a fun time trying the make-up on each other. One of those moments I’ll always remember, and hopefully they’ll remember too. Even the baby had fun watching us “color” on each other! I took a little cat nap and got to watch the White House’s Executive Chef and Bobby Flay kick ass! And, she’s Filipina! Way to represent!

Sunday…I wish you could stay Sunday. But a new week begins, kids are back in school, and new changes are in the works. I’m pretty excited about it! Wish me luck.


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