You’ll Always Need Your Mommy

Today is the 2nd birthday celebration of my nephew. Celebrated at Gymboree with other toddlers, including my own. Oh the bravery in just watching a room full of toddlers bounce, jump, roll, slide, and run at full speed – all the parents are saying a prayer hoping their kid won’t get trampled on or ran over. I see so many different personalities – the quiet and shy, the observer, the confident, the clown, the sweet and polite, the independent…

Kids grow up so fast. You blink and they just learned something new. Tonight I heard my baby girl say “pajamas” to my 8 year old, when just minutes prior I was telling her it was time to put on her pajamas. I look at her and admittedly, I don’t want her to grow up. I want her to always need me. I want to always hear that babble she speaks. I want her to be my baby forever. In a way, kids – no matter how old they are – will always need their parents. I think about the many times I have needed my mother, moreso as an adult. Let’s get real – when you’re young, you think you know everything. I wonder how I would cope without  my mom in my life to confide in or solicit advice. Oh the many times I’ve called her crying or to announce a proud moment in my life. I hope my Ella will always need me, no matter how old, how successful and how independent she may be. I hope she will always know that she can come to her Mommy whenever she needs anything. The same goes for my other kids – I hope they always know that they have me to turn to, and that I will never let them down. No matter how old they are, where they live, how many kids they have, and how much money is in their bank account, that I will always be there to lend them advice, share my own experiences, teach them something new, cook their favorite meal, comfort them, or just listen…whatever they may need they can always count on me. Something inside me tells me that they already know this.


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