Happy New Decade!

I sit here with a throbbing headache, feeling ill from my head to my toes. Ironically, they are side effects of celebrating the New Year. Some people drink merrily and end up with a hangover the next day. Last night through today, I’ve been eating merrily. Chinese food, sushi, Mom’s pansit and kare kare, Dad’s steak, hubby’s chicken, buco salad, ensemada, Cold Stone ice cream – holy crap – I have a food hangover. This sucks. But it’s my last hoorah. Monday begins a regimen – yes, another cliche: let’s lose weight for the new year! I’m not applying unnecessary pressure by putting a goal-weight or a timeline to it, I’m just going to try to start it up and see where it goes – the statistical stuff can follow later. :)

Got to spend time with both sides of the family. No partying, no alcohol even. Just simple time spent with my family. That’s the perfect way to start off the New Year – with people who love you and will support you though any of the trials and tribulations, celebrations, and milestones in your life.  10 years ago, this is where I was:

  • Just graduated from San Diego State University
  • In my first real job, which started as an internship
  • 2 years into what would be a 4 1/2 year relationship
  • Still living at home with no “real expenses”
  • Planning my first trip to Hawaii with the girls (one of the best trips of my life!)
  • Was not into clubbing or drinking (that came after Hawaii)
  • Worked with graphic designers and realized “Hmmmm…”
  • Had chopped my hair really really short
  • Dark blood red lipstick (eck!)
  • Friends then are my friends now

My life is so very different today – so different. I am married to a man I’ve been with for 6 years now (dating + marriage) and I have four kids (3 bonus kids that came with my hubby). I have traveled to Hawaii a total of 4 times, including big cities around the US (New York, San Francisco, Orlando, Chicago, Phoenix) and 6 countries in Europe. I have purchased (and sold) a condo and single family home. I no longer drive a 5 passenger RAV4, but now I drive an 8 passenger Sequoia. I work as a copywriter as well as a graphic designer. I have held 3 jobs after the one I had 10 years ago. I rarely wear lipstick – I always wear chapstick! I still have a small set of close friends, but have also been collecting a lot of new, good friends throughout the years.

Once I’m over the food hangover, I’m excited to work at this “work in progress” better known as “me”.  Cheers!


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