First Post of Many to Come

Well, hello world. This is my first official post on this here blog which I titled “relished.” It took a me a bit of brainstorming to find the perfect title of what will become the home to opinions, experiences, loves, lessons, gripes and vices of yours truly…but I thought it was fitting. “Relished” can mean so much and be used in so many ways – in this arena it’s a word to describe the way I feel about my life and the moments in my life. I realized that in the past 6 years I have lived a life of great challenges and achievements. My life has had many interesting moments that, to me, seemed even reality-show-worthy (I say this jokingly, of course). But what’s life if those moments didn’t exist? It just means that my life is what it should be – exciting, emotional, challenging, and unpredictable. I’m 32 and have four lives I need to  influence and enrich to the best of my abilities. Plus, I have a husband whom I adore – truly my better half, my best friend. Lucky. Blessed.

My family is my life. So much so that there is very little time left for little old me. I used to be an interesting “single” person once upon a time, you know…still am, just married with kids. :) But I realized that this lack of “me-time” was simply a bug in my time-management. Of course I could find more time for myself – I deserved it. And so “relished” is born. It is a gift to myself, a way for me to log my thoughts, remember the minutes in my day, and reflect on life. The oh-so-cliche idea of having a New Year’s Resolution serves as my excuse for this new-found glorious outlet of mine. I vow to contribute as frequently as possible, honoring the significant, the insignificant, the trials, tribulations, celebrations, the triumphant, the annoying, the finds, the meals, the fashions, the treasures, the gifts, the moments and people that define my “relished” life.

Welcome…and keep reading. Or don’t. :) Happy New Decade, people!